Day 108

I had high hopes for today – getting back on track with my camera and having my posts up to date. Shame, then, that, although I took my camera fitted with wide angle lens and polariser out,  I found that I didn’t have a memory card inserted! Doh. As I was on a tight time […]

Day 107

Another day when I only picked up the camera towards the twilight hours, but how nice to capture happy bath time antics. Arms and flannels all happen to be strategically placed. Well done boys and I hope this won’t embarrass you too much in later years.

Day 105

AAfter a very busy day and night on the 26th, I took it easy on sunday but when we popped out for a pre lunch walk I couldn’t resist snapping a few pics of the scenery and boys. It was a toss up between Didcot Power Station and Barnaby. Sorry DPS, you simply are not […]

Day 104

A busy day, being my birthday so celebrating with the boys, and then taking photographs at the disco arranged to raise money for our local pre school. What a top night, and though I worked hard, I have some lovely photos and raised lots of money to boot! Cruella and her dogs kept coming back […]

Day 100

As a friend pointed out, this is day 100, so it should perhaps be a special day. However, Dan the man is still causing chaos in our house so inside is uninspiring, and with fog lying low all day, I was unmotivated to go out! So, following an idea from this same friend, I have […]