Day 259

My son is obsessed with trash packs, and so was delighted when his trash lorry came today, having spent some birthday money on it! It is surely a fad, but he seems smitten so far and there is a great recycling message there, so how can I argue? It is better than us spending money […]

Day 257

Today was, once again, miserable, and as I have been finding it hard to move in the last couple of days, I did not want to venture far. So, whilst hubby took the boys to do strenuous activities, I popped into the back garden to snap some tulips I have in a pot. Apart from […]

Day 256

It was Grandpa’s birthday on Wednesday, but we didn’t see him then, and so everyone was very excited at his visit today. I am not sure if the kids were more worked up about seeing him, or blowing out the (numerous) candles on his cakes …. two cakes and each child had to take each cake […]

Day 255

I don’t normally take these kinds of shots, but it was so rainy again today on and off, that when I had a chance to photograph, I thought the garden was the safest bet in between showers. This ladybird was sheltering from the rain too I think!

Day 254

A part of a project I have to take some pictures with a film camera. I took this shot with both film and digital, so that i have a copy of it. Plus, I didn’t want to venture far as today’s weather was yet again miserable.

Day 253

Today I took some pictures of a friend’s two month old baby, who is GORGEOUS.  He behaved impeccably and though I still need to sort through all my images, I came away very happy, and hope that his family will be too.

Day 251

I had a lovely day learning more about lighting, but have not had a chance to review the pictures…… On the way home,  this beautiful rainbow appeared and I just had a chance to photograph it, with its double, before it melted away. And when you see a rainbow, you just have to share.