Day 289

Following on from yesterdays post, this is the finished crown  – sort of as it has GB flags adorning the top too, but I had no chance to photograph that as the King wouldn’t stand still! Perhaps tomorrow morning before school. Barnaby thinks he has a real chance of winning the best made crown at […]

Day 288

For school on Friday, Barnaby has to make a crown as everyone starts to celebrate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. However, he has not quite got around to starting it as he keeps playing football. Luckily, little brother made one yesterday at pre school, and another again today and so he kindly donated his ‘spare’ to […]

Day 287

I wanted to get a pic of one of the boys blowing the dandelion seeds out, but they just didn’t get the hang of waiting for the camera or doing it in a sweet way – that’s boys for you! So the one remaining head was captured before being promptly pulled up and blown.  

Day 285

Today we spent the day in the beautiful Oxfordshire village of Ardington, where we explored the Ardington Millennium Sundial – thirteen pairs of standing stones – and discovered the nine planets of the Solar System, depicted by stone discs. Very apt, as Barnaby’s maths homework this week was learning about telling the time!

Day 283

Whilst looking at the garden and thinking how the grass needs to be mowed, I began to admire the daisy’s that are littered over the lawn. I think we will keep with the wild meadow look for now!  

Day 280

FINALLY, we have nice weather, and it is set to continue all the rest of the week. I made the most of it by popping out for a walk by the river and spotted this heron. I was very far from it, but as soon as I moved, it flew off and so I am […]