As I have finished my 365 project, I did not take my dslr with me today when driving to collect my boys. DOH. The tractors were out in force, cutting down the wheat and making hay bales. The sky was glorious and the colours amazing, along with the shapes the hay trails were leaving in […]

Day 365

I know it is not the greatest landscape, but it is one many of you will be familiar with as I have taken shots of this area for quite a few of my posts and thought it fitting to end my 365 project with it. I had to find time to do it in between […]

Day 364

As I approach the end of my photographic year, what better subject than my baby who is 6 weeks old today and therefore her arrival has been on my mind for most of my 365 project. Here we demonstrate the power of one of the 5 S’s –  swaddling, side/stomach position, shushing, swinging and sucking, from […]

Day 363

the two eldest went to sports camp today and I was left with the two youngest, thinking I would have an easier time with just two. Keeping an intelligent and curious almost 3 year old amused whilst caring for a young baby left me thinking otherwise! The boys enjoyed the camp, especially Barnaby who received […]

Day 362

Well not quite the Olympics closing ceremony, but inspired by these last two fantastic weeks, the boys have decided they want to train for the Olympics and cycling is something we Brits do well at…….. so here is 2 year old Felix getting his balance! Think the flip flops give something extra to his performance! […]