2013 Week 8

This week was all about Willow, as she was welcomed into the Catholic Church by baptism. We had a lovely weekend with friends and family and everything went to plan, apart from the lack of cutlery for some dishes I had provided for the reception afterwards and probably slightly over catering! Even with the attendance […]

2013 Week 6

As expected, Alexei did receive the Head Teacher’s Special Award, for his computer work in R.E talking about Noah and the ark. He was so delighted with it, as are we, and proudly showed it off. This week we had parent’s evening, and his teacher was once again so complimentary about him, the only negative […]

2013 Week 5

The week started on a high with Barnaby receiving a Teacher’s Special Award, for “good effort, concentration and output in maths lessons.” He was chuffed, as were we, especially as he is making an effort to speak up in class and contribute more. It seems to be working. There is rumour that his little (but […]