2013 Week 38

This week started off so cold, that it seemed as if summer were already a distant memory and whether or not to turn the heating on was a main conversation topic! And then the sun came back to pay a visit, and stayed. The heating stayed off and coats were put away once again. Yey. […]

2013 Week 37

It is obvious that our summer is over; the weather has really ‘turned’ now with a chill in the air most apparent in the early mornings on our way to school. There has also been rain. Lots of rain. But, it is September, so I guess that is what’s expected, but I had been really […]

2013 Week 36

Finally, the return to school and the kids were very happy to reunite with friends, and Barnaby even said he was looking forward to maths games on the netbook! Alexei is practicing his pose for a future modelling career perhaps? I put this photo in just to remind myself that sometimes these two can get […]

2013 Week 35

We enjoyed the glamping last week, largely due  to meeting new friends. Camping this week was all about old friends and hanging out together with lots of fun and games. Meanwhile, Willow carried on getting help wherever she could find it.Felix chose to be buried in the sand, and wouldn’t get out! Willow, as ever, wanted […]