2015 Week 9 Day 1 – 26th Feb

2015 Week 9 Day 1 – This policy of not having the television on in the week after school is working and the kids are finding ways to entertain themselves. After a game of slide the huge beanbag off the sofa whilst sitting on it ended in tears, the hama beads came out as well […]

2015 Week 8 Day 5 – 23rd Feb

2015 Week 8 Day 5 – A sad day today, as we lost our last pet Lotka. We were Lotka’s carers, having inherited her and her companion Max from my husband’s mother when she passed away. She was a beautiful dog – here in a lot of pain but still looking so serene – even […]

2015 Week 8 Days 1 and 2 – 19, 20th Feb

2015 Week 8 Day 1 – Felix decided he wanted to do a chalkboard update this time, in the form of a picture. Of Christmas??? Look at that face. How could I refuse? 2015 Week 8 Day2 – Today I tried making nutella from the ‘Deliciously Ella’ book that is on trend right now! Umm, […]