2015 Week 24 Days 1 – 3 ;11th, 13th June

2015 Week 24 Day 1 The cats are getting adventurous, now that they are allowed to venture outside. They are getting dirty too! 2015 Week 24 Day 3 The local football teams had their final training session today and then handed out medals. We are very proud that Barnaby received the trophy for the most […]

2015 Week 23 Days 6 – 9th June

2015 Week 23 Days 6 – I am so impressed with myself right now! Look: baskets in my freezer, instead of the plastic drawers that just break in my hands! I even labelled each basket, though after a couple of hours in the freezer, the stickiness had evaporated as had the chalk writing! I also […]

2015 Week 23 Days 4 & 5 – 7th, 8th June

2015 Week 23 Day 4 – Good friends of my (deceased) in-laws came over for lunch today and it was so lovely to see them. So lovely, in fact, that my brother-in-law came over from Poland to join in the fun too. After a very long lunch, we took a trip round the corner, to […]

2015 Week 23 Day 1 – 4th June

2015 Week 23 Day 1 – Granny came for the day to have a birthday treat of a pedicure and afterwards lunch with the girls. It must have tired Willow out as she fell asleep under our bed afterwards, whilst playing hide and seek! Meanwhile, I asked Granny to pose for me as I soon […]