About Eloise Radziwill

Hi, my name is Eloise or Ellie – it depends who I am with or how I am feeling when I introduce myself! I am not a split personality (honestly) but it is almost like I have a fun pseudonym in Ellie!

Now all my children are at school, this website is increasingly being used to provide private galleries to clients, and I use instagram to document everyday life. As mum to 3 passionate boys, one adorable girl, one cute doggy and 2 top cats, I like to capture the family moments we share at home, on holiday, with friends. Sometimes I even include my husband and myself!

I also love to capture other families special moments and it is such a privilege when asked to do so and given approval to share.

11 thoughts on “About Eloise Radziwill

  1. So pleased to find this; photographs are stunning and what a fabulous record of your increasing skill and beautiful growing family. Look forward to more…

    • Wow, what a lovely thing to say. Thank you so much. I must say that a big part of doing this project/blog, was to take more everyday pictures of my children and sometimes when I am stuck for a photo of the day, they and their antics do come to my rescue! I would love to get out more with my camera, but I find it is so hard with little children around and all the chores that are part and parcel of having a family, so I am particularly impressed with all your lovely outdoor scenes (and trees!). Thank you so much for looking at my blog too and taking the trouble to comment.

      • I know that feeling Eloise, my son is always giving out to me when we go out and I produce the camera. I’m usually met with the expression “Will you be long Daddy” when I start composing a shot. He now has a special face every time I point the camera at him, it has now gotten to the stage where he asks me to get my film camera out so he can play with it, he much prefers the sound it makes when you press the shutter. I think I will have to get him one of his own.
        Nice talking to you, keep up the good work.

      • Absolutely – get your son started with a camera! If not a film one, then the VTech cameras are good – especially as children can manipulate the images by framing them etc, plus there are games. That may keep him out of mischief for a while!!

  2. I have loved seeing your photos over the last year – I do hope you continue. the bits of gossip were good, too!!
    Love – Deirdre

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