2016 Week 16

2016 Week 16 -An impromptu late night competition entry won me a training day with The New born Workshop which was great fun and really educational. Unfortunately for me,  my lenses all seem off and I just couldn’t achieve good focus with any. Here, with controlled lighting, it was so obvious that my equipment needs to be looked at. However, I did get a few shots I am happy with.

NewbornWorkshop-29-Edit NewbornWorkshop-34-Edit
NewbornWorkshop-40-Edit NewbornWorkshop-42-Edit NewbornWorkshop-49-Edit NewbornWorkshop-51-Edit NewbornWorkshop-52-Edit NewbornWorkshop-53-Edit NewbornWorkshop-55-Edit NewbornWorkshop-61-Edit NewbornWorkshop-62-Edit NewbornWorkshop-63-Edit NewbornWorkshop-70-Edit NewbornWorkshop-73-Edit NewbornWorkshop-74-Edit NewbornWorkshop-75-Edit NewbornWorkshop-76-Edit NewbornWorkshop-77-Edit NewbornWorkshop-82-Edit-2

Whilst I decide how to sort out my equipment, I took my chances with some bluebell shots, focus18apr-8-Edit copyfocus18apr-38-Edit copy

though my daughter could not help but muck about for most of the timefocus18apr-31-Edit copyfocus18apr-32-Edit copyfocus18apr-40-Edit copy

and again, a few days later!Bluebells20Apr-24-Edit Bluebells20Apr-16-Edit

2016 Week 15

2016 Week 15 –

The children are being very enterprising and selling sweets and bubble gum, in aid of themselves, but with a proportion of the takings going towards a charity for endangered species.

Stall-3 Stall-1

Surprisingly they did get some customers!Stall-2

And before it got too late I bundled them off in our van to go to a little interior design shop near to us as I needed to look at some carpet samples that I knew would be there. BIG MISTAKE. Taking 4 young and bored kids into a teeny tiny shop with samples and items on display. Stressful. And then after we were bundled out, figuratively speaking, it was a BIG MISTAKE to ask the kids to pose for a quick portrait. I am ashamed to say I lost my temper with them as they once again just would not play ball and line up nicely for me. This picture was just before it descended into chaos. I muttered under my breath all the way home about inconsiderate children and then afterwards felt bad that I had got angry over just one photograph. I will have to learn better how to manage them for a group shot. How to manage kids with what is known as “photographer’s child syndrome”.


I thought I would start with one child at a time, but even that had limited success!!April_2016-90

SO instead I appreciated the landscape around me.

April_2016-110-Edit copy copy April_2016-103-Edit copy April_2016-100-Edit copy 2

Having a least felt happy with some landscape shots, I took some of the children on a walk to find some bluebells.April_2016-205-Edit copy copy

the woods are so stunning this time of year (actually all year round they are special)April_2016-139-Edit copy April_2016-141-Edit copy

But we didn’t bank on finding such a great natural climbing frame.April_2016-163-Edit copy April_2016-176-Edit copy copy April_2016-169-Edit copy April_2016-186-Edit copy April_2016-171-Edit copy

Even bunny had a go at climbing.April_2016-179-Edit copy April_2016-146-Edit copy

And so another family group shot attempt. It’s bound to go well with only 3 out of 4 children right?…April_2016-155-Edit copy copy

….ummmm…….April_2016-225-Edit copy

….maybe not. What starts in jest, always end in tears!!April_2016-221-Edit copy April_2016-198-Edit copy

Throughout this week, and actually for a long time now, I have not been happy with my focus and I am now starting to think that it may not all be down to camera skills and that actually maybe my lens is out! So I tried out a calibration system with a willing model, who by the end was not so willing!


The conclusion? A lens in need of realignment.

2016 Week 14

2016 Week 14 – A lost drone gave us the opportunity to search in the rape fields. The drone was not found that day, but at least it was an excuse to get some fresh air. The kids were ecstatic, as you can tell!

3April2016-111-Edit9*6 copy 3April2016-50-Edit12*6 copy 3April2016-45-Edit12*6 copy 3April2016-94-Edit copy 3April2016-75-Edit9*6 copy 3April2016-39-Edit12*FB

And then later in the week, another birthday. This time it was daddy’s turn to receive presents and cardsPaulBDay

and blow out birthday candles.April2016-22


2016 Week 13

2016 Week 13 – My first born turned 10 this week. He agreed to a cake smash. We don’t really have the room to do it properly….

Barnaby10th-22-Edit copy 2FB

…and someone didn’t realise she shouldn’t in fact be eating the cake!!Barnaby10th-95-Edit copy Barnaby10th-101-Edit copy Barnaby10th-106-Edit copy

But she did realise that  I like her to model for me.Barnaby10th-9-Edit5*7FB

Later we enjoyed a lovely walk on the Ridgeway and saw some signs of springRidgeway

even though the woods still appear Autumnal!Barnaby10th-192-EdiFB Barnaby10th-193-Edit copy

We went to visit family for Easter celebrations, but first some birthday cake,  BdayBarnaby10th-1 BdayBarnaby10th-9

before an Easter Egg hunt.
Easter-1 Easter-2 Easter-3 Easter-4

Grandpa can be quite silly at times!Easter-5 Easter-6

Back home, for the actual birthday and a special delivery!!
BikeBarnaby10th-35-Edit copyFB

And someone else decided she could ride a bike too – never one to be left out!!SupperBarnaby10th-8

And a final birthday celebration for the birthday, we enjoyed a meal out at his favourite restaurant and didn’t mind the late night due to it being in the school holidays!
SupperBarnaby10th-17-Edit7*5FB SupperBarnaby10th-28-Edit5*7FB SupperBarnaby10th-30-EditFB

2016 Week 12

2016 Week 12 –

Almost a week after the onset of illness, a still poorly little girl managed to muster up the energy to  take a drive with me to do some chores,


but it did take it out of her
201610Milldown-21 iphoneMar2016-33

However, by the time a week had passed, she was able to enjoy her brother’s birthday celebrations – Pizza Express after a trip to the ice rink.iphoneMar2016-35iphoneMar2016-39

And she soon had the energy to join in with the boys’ mischief!iphoneMar2016-54

My little cool kidWillow

who sometimes pretends to not want her photo taken WillowMar2016-78-EditFB

but soon comes round to the ideaWillowMar2016-84-EditFB WillowMar2016-86-EditFB

And is (almost) always happy when a brother is around!Streatley-1

This one seems to have turned himself into a wizard!!Streatley-2

2016 Week 11

2016 Week 11 –

A sneaky peak at daddy playing on the trampoline. The kids are so lucky to have a daddy that plays with them!


But they can also have fun on their ownoutside2016Goring10K-69

My lovely sister-in-law Karin came over from Poland specifically to race in a local 10k and she was delighted to find out that she was the Number 1 runner!!

2016Goring10K-157-Edit-Edit copy

2016Goring10K-167-Edit-Edit copy

And they’re off……2016Goring10K-186-Edit copy 2016Goring10K-195-Edit copy

OOhhh isn’t she doing well? Tee hee hee2016Goring10K-199-Edit copy 2016Goring10K-212-Edit copy 2016Goring10K-214-Edit copy 2016Goring10K-218 copy 2016Goring10K-223-Edit copy

The marshalls always do an amzing job2016Goring10K-232-Edit copy

as does Humphrey the Camel running for Water Aid. 2016Goring10K-251-Edit copy

However, it was not all fun and games, as my daughter suddenly felt very ill and I had to take her home. Later that night, she had a febrile convulsion! Pretty scary stuff but we were reassured by the paramedic that it was only due to the high fever and the fact that children cannot regulate their temperature and so this is what happens.

The boys were so lovely and thoughtful and wrote her notes and cards and left her presents.


And Grandpa also turned up later in the week to bring her his favourite flowers. She was delighted with them! (They are his favourite flowers as they last so long. lol)iphoneMar2016-21