Day 158

The Oracle

As assignment day, canal side at The Oracle, Reading. A miserable day, but at least the rain held off whilst we were there, though the skies remained grey throughout. I am not sure which photo I will end up working on, but I quite like this framing shot, after playing around in Lightroom with downloaded presets, so not really sure how I managed this look!

7 thoughts on “Day 158

  1. I like it Eloise – those awnings look great here! (especially as they cover up the sky which was so gloomy and grey) Really like the patterns in this – the railings and the paving slabs and the stairs and the bridge. Looks fantastic!

  2. Thanks Claire – I wasn’t sure which pic to use for project, but am leaning towards this more and more as I am not happy with the rest. I didn’t get a nice clear shot like yours. Think I was too set on framing my picture but in many it simply didn’t work. That and being led by Charles on where to go….. Think I will rebel more next time!

  3. I tried to frame mine with the underside of the bridge – thought it looked good while I was there – and then realised when I got home it shows little of the “facilities it has to offer” side of things 😦 The shot I edited up was taken in the first 5 mins. i could have gone and had a coffee then if I’d known it would be OK! Who was your partner supposed to be?

    I really like your view…and I assume the “red” posters on the lamposts by Debenhams were deliberate to draw us into the photo 😉

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