Day 163


Devastated to find my beloved Tom dead this morning. So thankful that he looked unharmed and in tact – just lying there peacefully, so I guess it was a heart attack in old age. He will be greatly missed, not least by brother Charlie; they have seen me through most of my adult life – marriage, kids etc – so there will be a big gap in our lives. Love you big Tom.

4 thoughts on “Day 163

  1. So sorry about your cat. My last cat died 5 years ago and I was more upset than my children as I had had him since he was a kitten. My eldest (4 at the time) said “Dont worry Mummy all the people in heaven will look after him. And LOTS of people died in the war so there will be LOTS of people to look after him!!”

    I’m sure there will be a few left up there to look after Tom too xx

    (does no-one else from the course come and stalk you here?!)

  2. Ah thank you. My eldest asked when we could have a kitten. I replied that Charlie (the other cat) may not be happy about that, he said “when Charlie dies, can we buy a kitten from the pet shop!”. Charming

    Think Shelly has had a look as she asked where my photos were……. no one else asked and I don’t advertise. Nice to have you here though!

  3. I’m so sorry that Tom has died. I know how it is to have such a special cat/dog through all the important times in our lives. It was so good that he was so well loved, and nice that he died peacefully. Sorry that Charlie has lost his friend too. My heart is with you and your family, Eloise.

  4. Thanks Katie – Tom was very special and very loud and cuddly, so even in a house full of boys, it now seems oddly quiet. Think the food bills will go down! Charlie seems to be ok so far, but i am making sure that I am giving him extra cuddles.

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