Day 170


I know it has only been a day since I posted a picture of Charlie, but I could not resist capturing his quiet moment in the garden, perhaps reminiscing about his brother Tom, who passed away a week ago today.

10 thoughts on “Day 170

  1. there’s always room for another great cat photo! And I guess you are more conscious of wanting to make the most of your time with Charlie after the shock of Tom going so suddenly. Great portrait – love the sharp cat and the background blur

    • Thanks Claire – and I think Charlie is making the most of the situation as he seems to be my shadow at the moment. Anyway, the shot was nicer than the frozen leaf I had gone into the garden to snap! Where are yours? Hassle hassle……. how is Oracle shot coming along? I am going round in circles.

      • me too – Im sick of the photo I have been editing already. And now I’ve seen Shelley and Alex’s photos mine looks so bland and boring (apart from the garish colours I’ve added!). I’m also thinking that if I am so rubbish at getting one photo right which doesnt even count towards the mark…how am I going to manage ten!

  2. Where is Alex’s photo? And Shelly’s that I have seen would not be allowed as it needs to be in colour. Your original one was great – just work on that and lighten it of that is what John said?

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