Day 174


A duvet day today – with husband still away, football cancelled and the (pre-snow) day so blinkin’ cold, it just seemed the right thing to do! The boys stayed in their pj’s all today, but Felix did put on his compression ‘trousers’, newly arrived from Great Ormand Street. Luckily he is very smitten with them, which is great as it looks like he will have to wear them for the foreseeable future, and he was delighted to find there is still easy access to his favourite place.

6 thoughts on “Day 174

  1. LOL this is definitely one he will not want you showing his girlfriends when he is older 😀 !!

    I’ve got an account on here now – trying to catch up putting 2012 on retrospectively!

  2. Im sure I commented earlier – so apologies if I did and you removed it! Love the expression on his face – definitely one for bringing out when he is older!

    I’ve got an account here now and trying to retrospectively get my photos up for this year…together with 3000 other things before half term!

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