Day 180

Snowy Tree

So just a few days ago I posted a picture of my neighbours tree – a zoomed in view. Here is a wide angle view after a light dusting of snow. As you can probably, I am playing around with the values post processing, I am quite getting into this!

4 thoughts on “Day 180

    • Having experimented with Photomatrix for the dreaded Oracle shoot, I found I really like the results and this is what I used for this…… a painterly effect so you are right. Sadly, the settings didn’t work well for the assignment photo.

    • Well it is free to download and use, but you have thier logo plastered all over the pics – but $39 to download a tonemap thingy which seems good enough….. or a $119 (I think) for full functionality, but not sure quite what that does. I am quite getting into it – as it seems a quick way to give some photos a bit of punch. But you always seem to manage that in your photos well enough anyway.

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