Day 183

20 week scan

This week is one of halves…. I will be halfway through my daily photo record keeping tomorrow, and on wednesday, I will be 20 weeks into my pregnancy! So here is baby Radziwill number 4 making his/her debut performance. We got a few waves and kicks today to show another active baby.

Today is also Charlie’s 14th birthday – and although I could not get a photo of him today for the above reason, I shall be having a big cuddle and make a fuss of him in a minute, and we shall think about his brother Tom too, so recently departed.

6 thoughts on “Day 183

    • my subsequant ones I was counting the day – there are a LOT of days in preganncy when you feel rubbish. glad to know its going well. Make sure you sit sometimes and just enjoy it kicking inside you. So hard to do sometimes when you are rushing around. And of course, be sure to use it to rest your book, cup of tea, dinner on as the bump grows!! I do miss that inbuilt table!!

      • Yes I feel the baby most at night when lying down – not that we get much room with other little people in the bed each night it seems!! This baby won’t know what has hit it, once it enters this mad household proper!!

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