Day 185


At half way into my pregnancy (in theory), I wanted to get a maternity shot, but that is quite hard to do to oneself (especially with little children around!).  I had wanted a tummy shot with booties on top – but, although I am huge, when  I lie down, so does my bump. Hmm, it can’t be all baby. So a stand alone bootie shot will have to suffice.

8 thoughts on “Day 185

  1. I did a “booties on the bump” shot for someone and it was hard enough balancing them on someone else’s bump so can’t imagine how hard it must be on your own. I have a collection of maternity photo ideas on an online “pinboard” – I’ll email the address to you in case they are inspiring…

    If you want a bump shoot nearer the time – let me know 😉 😀

  2. Thanks Claire, on all counts. I think it was your shot with those that gave me the idea, but would love to see more so yes please to the link – I really want to try to get some of myself (but also obviously am happy to take up offers from talented others!!)

    • if you want a bump shoot happy to do it as a “new baby” pressie…just be sure to let me in advance know as summer gets busier and I’ll have project to hand in too…you HAVE to have some lovely bump photos though – and so hard to take them of yourself – especially if you want the family in them x

      • I know, what timing to have baby due just a few days after last class!! Perhaps we can get a shot at college – I am sure the vending machines would make a lovely backdrop! ha ha. Finally worked out how to change thumbnails in Lightroom from their default choices! phew. Now need to cull the shots I took – don’t think pics of Hanna and Charles’ behinds would be too appreciated by Teresa, nor the countless other shots of exactly the same thing!!

  3. Ha, no one would be more surprised than me if a pink baby came out!! But we didn’t look at the scan for clues. The boots are white – was just playing with presets to add something extra to an otherwise plain photo….

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