Day 203

Goring 10k 2012

Today, amidst the wind, rain, sleet and then snow, about a 1000 runners set off from near our house to run 10k round our lovely countryside, all in aid of our primary school. This shows the start of the race and the man to the right of the picture, number 861, sprinted round in record time and hardly looked out of breath at the end. Unlike most others. My husband completed this race too, and the older he gets, the faster he becomes… he now just needs to shave 10 minutes off his time to have any chance of winning!

2 thoughts on “Day 203

  1. oh those poor men – my sons were playing rugby in that weather and it was just terrible. Well done to your hubby competing – hope they raised lots of lovely money for the school

    • And women – lots of them running and helping out as marshals etc! I cooked a load of onions for the food after, but apart from that, the 5 minutes standing outside in the pouring rain with my camera, was enough for me!

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