Day 234


A nice birthday treat for hubby was to spend the afternoon in A&E being checked out for concussion after knocking himself out whilst on a bike ride. A black eye and sore joints and a memory even more shocking than before ……. lets hope he recovers quickly.

2 thoughts on “Day 234

  1. oh my goodness – thats not good – was he on his own when it happened? Hope they checked him over well. You’ll be able to tell him “no really – you said YOU would wash up/clear up/put the kids to bed every day this week…dont you remember?!”

    • His memory is shocking at the best of times and he takes his time answering questions anyway, so when the doc said he had concussion I wondered how he could tell as he seemed pretty normal to me. Hee hee (sorry Paul). He has been really tired ever since but it hasn’t stopped him from getting on his bicycle!

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