Day 257

Red Tulip

Today was, once again, miserable, and as I have been finding it hard to move in the last couple of days, I did not want to venture far. So, whilst hubby took the boys to do strenuous activities, I popped into the back garden to snap some tulips I have in a pot. Apart from cropping this, I have not done anything to the photo – these are natures colours at their best!

4 thoughts on “Day 257

  1. loving that droplet on the left. Still have a thing about droplets and STILL havent managed to take one myself that is how I would like it to be. You’d think this rain was giving me plenty of practice!!

    • Thanks – we can never win can we? I keep thinking how cool it would be to get droplet shots but even with all this rain, never bother! As it is raining probably! this was luck more than anything.

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