Day 261

Baby Booties

This was an unexpected photo. I had been trying to get a bump shot with the little booties on top to mark the seventh month of pregnancy and the imminent arrival, but I was finding it hard to focus on the correct spot, with the camera perched on the bed and me having to set the timer and run back to the lounger to pose. I got tired pretty quickly and so for a few I decided to lie down! That was even worse as getting up again is quite hard when you have such a big belly (and I don’t think this shot quite highlights the fullness of the bump)! Anyway, this was my final shot and I just held the booties and left my legs bent, not bothering to pose as such. However, I ended up liking this photo the best. And my idea for the booties in another shot can wait for another (rainy) day!

6 thoughts on “Day 261

  1. I have no idea how you managed this! (And you must be mad 🙂 with all the getting up and lying down involved – I think after the first lie down I would have stayed there!!)

  2. I love this; you’re building up such a wonderful record of your pregnancy and really do think it’s a fab business venture too x

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