Day 276

Sprouting potatoes

Today was my turn in front of the camera, as the lovely Claire was here taking pictures of my bump and, when they agreed to participate, the two youngest kids! Barnaby missed out as he was at school, but when we chatted later stated that mummies and daddies had to have the same eye colour and use the same hand to write with!! And that babies come from daddy kissing mummy! Who am I to disagree? Anyway, after a full on day with a party and swimming as well, I thought  that the bag of potatoes ready to be planted out that the other lovely Claire had recently given to me, were an interesting subject with their alien like sprouting hands!

7 thoughts on “Day 276

    • Thanks Claire (did reply before but seems to have got lost in cyberspace)…… yes Alexei planted them for me, so whether they sprout further or not is probably quite random, and it will be a game of hunt the potato, but he was so enthusiastic and I was so achey! 🙂

  1. Umm, Alexei ended up planting them as he was so excited. But half were pressed into the edges of the lawn and the others thrown into a hole in the (now overgrown) vegetable patch that Lotka had dug – so I am not highly hopeful of their survival chances. Sorry. Just too much for me at the moment with my bump getting in the way. Should be back on track next spring. x

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