Day 294

No more jubilee celebrations for us, but still a bank holiday and so a day off work and therefore daddy home to entertain the kids! After a slow start, they went out for the afternoon, leaving a very tired me with my big baby bump, trying to catch up on some work before the big day in 4 weeks time. With my track record, I will have longer than 4 weeks to go, but I guess I have to be prepared. I actually ordered some little nappies today and will think about packing my bag soon, but for now, I wanted to document the 8 month mark and point out that it is real and not a football stuffed down my top like most people seem to think!

2 thoughts on “Day 294

    • Thanks Pablo – yes another addition to our family in the next month or so, and I think more maternity type photos on the way as I am finding it harder and harder to get around with my camera, plus having the other little ones to contend with too. 🙂

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