Day 303

Day 300

So for those of you who have followed my photo blog thus far, you will be aware that on days 100 and 200 I posted a view of the same house (but have not kept to the same focal length). The house was burnt down in a fire and the rebuild was in full swing on day 100 in November 2011 (; by March 2012 it was nearing completion (; and now it is finished and is on the market to sell ( I think, at £3.25million,  it is one we won’t be viewing ourselves!

4 thoughts on “Day 303

  1. I’m pretty sure the first time I saw your blog was when you reached day 200, and you linked day 100 into that post, I remember the place, and now it looks amazing.
    It’s my favorite of the 3, the flowers add a lot to the shot Eloise.
    Congrats on your day 300!

  2. Thanks Pablo – yes the transformation has been immense, both in terms of the house and the changing of the landscape – the green wheat fields are so vibrant and lovely and contrast with the bright red of the wild poppies lining the roadside. The is just down the road from those poppies i shot the other day, so there are plenty of landscapes to make the most of when I can! Thanks for following me so consistently, and for all your lovely comments. I can’t believe I have made it this far, and I know you are not too far behind either. I love your photos and your descriptions – it makes me want to visit your beautiful country more and more!

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