Day 352

Wenlock Olympic Mascot

I spent a few lovely hours with just my eldest child and my baby today – it was lovely. Of course, the outing involved buying a present for Barnaby, and as he is Olympic mad, he wanted todays photographic subject to be Wenlock, his treat. We decided that the olympic mascot would enjoy seeing our countryside.

Wenlock’s name is inspired by Much Wenlock in Shropshire, England, where the Wenlock Olympian Society held its first Olympian Games in 1850, regarded as an inspiration for the modern Olympic games. He has five friendship bracelets on his wrist. Each bracelet takes the colour of an Olympic ring. The three points on his head represent the three places on the podium. The pattern on his body with the logo of the games symbolises the whole world coming to London in 2012. The shape on the front of his head represents the shape of the Olympic stadium roof.

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