Day 362

Closing Ceremony

Well not quite the Olympics closing ceremony, but inspired by these last two fantastic weeks, the boys have decided they want to train for the Olympics and cycling is something we Brits do well at…….. so here is 2 year old Felix getting his balance! Think the flip flops give something extra to his performance! Perhaps he won’t make Rio, but who knows in 8 or 12 years……???


Just watching the closing ceremony and I think it is fab. Very quirky, but then that is the Brits for you and I am proud to be part of it. Have LOVED the games and now will feel quite at a loss over the coming weeks, especially as I won’t be doing my 365 project either. Oh well, a little holiday should go some way to comforting me.

2 thoughts on “Day 362

  1. Have loved watching the olympics. The opening and closing ceremonies were great. you all should be proud. I come from an olympic town myself. Lillehammer hosted the winter games in 1994. It was a great experience. 🙂 Good luck to your kids with the practice. 🙂

    • Thanks Inga – we are all feeling a bit at a loss now. But one of my friends partied with Usain Bolt and the Jamacian team that night, so I feel the atmosphere carry on, by proxy! We are all really proud as a nation I think.
      I have skiied in Lillehammer many years ago. It was cold. But lovely. Hopefully the kids will try skiing this season, as we are desperate to go, so perhaps Barnaby could prepare for a winter olympics in 10 years or so 🙂

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