Day 365

Final Landscape

I know it is not the greatest landscape, but it is one many of you will be familiar with as I have taken shots of this area for quite a few of my posts and thought it fitting to end my 365 project with it. I had to find time to do it in between all the torrential rain we had today and quickly, as the boys were getting bored in the van.

Thank you to all those who have followed this project the last year. I have stuck to my self imposed rules and did manage to post a picture for each and every day – even if I was not 100% happy with the result. Sometimes, though, just having to take the picture has resulted in a shot I have been really pleased with. It has taught me to look at things in different ways and to try new angles. I have found it hard, but fulfilling. I will carry on posting but without the strict criteria Β for the 365 project, and I hope to continue to grow and learn as a photographer.

I still did not manage to take many self portraits. Oh well, perhaps this is my ongoing challenge!

7 thoughts on “Day 365

    • A hug right back atcha! Same goes for you and your posts which I always look forward to and, of course, it has been lovely to get all your comments. I will have a couple of weeks off I think, to recharge. x

  1. Congratulations Eloise on making it through the whole project! I have really enjoyed seeing the way you look at things, the local landscapes and of course your growing family. Hope you find a meaningful way to go on posting, am sure you will xxx

    • Thanks so much Sarah. I am kinda missing posting, but have not had a chance to pick my camera up lately, partly due to the missing discipline of taking a shot each day… so want to rectify that. Thanks so much for following me this past year. πŸ™‚

  2. Well done! Such an achievement especially as you are Mum to 3 lovely boys and were ‘baking’ your gorgeous girl through most of the project.
    I’ve loved your blog; being able to experience your development alongside you has been fabulous, and serves as a wonderful photo-diary for your family too x

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