Closing Ceremony Paralympics

Finally I am back and able to submit another post. We had a holiday in Poland just after I completed my 265 project and I hardly managed to take any photographs, running around after 4 children! And then back to UK and the start of school! Two down two to go.

We found time to have an evening out just the two grown-ups, and were lucky to get tickets the the Paralympics closing ceremony! It was amazing and I took a few photos, but tried to savour the atmosphere and show by not always being stuck behind my camera lens! here are a few i did take, with nothing done to them apart from the odd preset application to brighten up the blacks.

2 thoughts on “Closing Ceremony Paralympics

    • Thanks Pablo, we did have a nice holiday but things are so hectic! But I want to start posting again, so fingers crossed. And I see you only have a month to go too. Are you going to carry on afterwards? I sincerely hope so; as you said to me once, I always look forward to your posts and seeing you life in Columbia.

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