New Challenge 2013 Diary

So another new year, and as I have somewhat missed blogging, since completing my 365 project in the summer, I thought this to be a good opportunity to resume, but perhaps weekly instead of daily.

My three gorgeous boys are rapidly growing up and I feel lots of moments are so quickly forgotten in our busy lives. I want to start to record them on a timely basis here rather than try to scribble them down and remember to write them in their memories book at some later date. For instance, the nearly 5 year old Alexei said, the other day as we were decorating, something about jesus and his instructions for the star and the angel being on the Christmas tree……but soon after i forgot what he had said! He can’t remember either, and it was so sweet. I want to record moments and sayings like those. He has not been well this week, but on Christmas morning, he said that though his head hurt and he couldn’t walk (he could), he would be ok at Christmas time, as his arms still worked and could open the presents, but that really it is no fun being sick on Christmas Day!

And of course this year we have our baby girl, who is such a little cutie and feels like she has always been with us and we are all so smitten. Taking everything in her stride she happily watches, chats and wriggles and generally joins in with the chaos that surrounds us. I want to record her firsts, and seconds and all that she does. So here’s hoping!!

2 thoughts on “New Challenge 2013 Diary

  1. Wonderful – I so enjoyed your last diary, and found that it was also a good way to hear general news about the rest of the family, too.
    I will enjoy your children with you!!!! XXXX Deirdre

    • Thanks Deirdre, I hope I can maintain it and find a form of presenting that works for this different challenge.
      Can you persuade someone from your end to do the same and then we can keep in touch with your side more!
      Lots of love and Happy New Year.

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