2014 Week 13 Day 6

2014 Week 13 Day 6 – It is pretty obvious that I am really behind in my diary (in reality we are on week 17), and so it is a nice suprise to check out today’s pictures and see that they need nothing doing. Zilch. Amazing for flowers although with my editing skills I probbaly tend to make some pictures worse and not better, but here I just really like the pastel colours that nature provided and fell really happy as they are. These are my Mother’s Day flowers from my lovely husband (big like Paul – this type of bouquet gets a big thumbs up from me).2014week13Macro-6 2014week13Macro-7 2014week13Macro-1 2014week13Macro-26 2014week13Macro-20 2014week13Macro-18 2014week13Macro-16 2014week13Macro-2

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