2015 Week 3 Day 2, 16 Jan

2015 Week 3 Day 2 – Over recent weeks, some friends have asked why I have not done any monthly shots of Willow with her report card aka blackboard update. Once she had reached 2 years, I thought it would be hard to think of new monthly achievements or habits, and so I decided to do it quarterly. Of course, I have completely failed on that as Willow is now 2 and a half years old, so maybe half yearly updates are the way to go?


Afterwards, we decided to make the most of a glorious winter’s day and off we set to go and look at the piggies up the hill.

We didn’t get very far as Willow got tired and we had a few distractions on the way,

2015week3day3-36 2015week3day3-72 2015week3day3-64

including this very  friendly cat. Willow was soooooo happy, we hung around for hours as it rubbed and purred around us.2015week3day3-49

You can see how long we were with the cat by the number of photos I took!


WillowCat1Before we met the cat, we had actually started to walk up the hill, but little Willow got rather tired, though she still managed to stay jolly.


We had started to walk back down towards home and before meeting the cat,  she had already got distracted by the leaves!


A lovely time spent with my favourite girl.

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