2015 Week 4 Day 7, 28 Jan

2015 Week 4 Day 7 – Recently I have worried that Barnaby isn’t reading enough fiction. He only likes certain types of books and often judges by the front cover alone – though I can’t fault that as I often judge by the title of a book. Anyway, if he likes a book, then he tends to devour it in one sitting which brings another set of problems, including not getting enough sleep! Today, I asked on a local facebook page, for book recommendations for 8 year old boys, and the response was overwhelming. As a result, as well as chatting to a lovely book shop owner and compiling a longer list, I scoured some charity shops and bought ten books. He liked 8 of them, and not the other 2 purely because they are too old for him really, so i will read them to him. So now to the second problem – getting him to sleep!


Unusually, Alexei tonight did not have sleeping problems and I struggled to find him in amongst his toys.



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