2015 Week 5 Day 6, 3 Feb

2015 Week 5 Day 6 – When the kids realised that they were waking up to snow, they were ecstatic and I have never seen them get ready for school so fast, so that they could have a play before breakfast.  They happily trudged off to school as well, having the odd snowball fight on the way!

2015week5Snow-28 2015week5Snow-25 2015week5Snow-22Then on our way home, we laughed at Pete the Postie still wearing shorts; he said it wasn’t as cold today as it has been!


I still felt too poorly and weak to do my exercise class, but with all the snow around I thought I could not miss on the opportunity to take a walk around our beautiful village(s) and enjoy the snowy vistas. I ended up walking for almost 3 hours! I was so glad I did, especially as the snow had started to melt as I returned home.Walk-2 Walk-1 Walk-4      Walk-9Walk-5Walk-6Walk-3Walk-7

The kids were disappointed as at school they were not allowed to touch the snow even at break time and of course, by the time school was out, it had almost disappeared. Seems a bit harsh to me as we so rarely get snow!

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