2015 Week 7 Day 6 – 17th Feb

2015 Week 7 Day 6 – One child had a play date all day and so I took the opportunity to take the other 3 on the little bus to Wallingford, as Barnaby wanted to go to the museum there! They LOVED the bus, and I must say, it is a wonderful service with such friendly passengers and bus driver. We may well use it again.


Unfortunately, we found the museum closed, but not bookshop and so we purchased some good books. The charity shops welcomed us too, as the kids jumped on the preloved cuddly toys! And a violin! This is so Willow (and perhaps Felix) can join in when her brothers practise. She loves it and was strumming away happily. She just needs to find out how best to hold this full size instrument!2015Febweek7end-17 Violin-2 Violin-1



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