2015 Week 10 Days 1 & 2 – 5, 6th March

2015 Week 10 Days 1 & 2- No, I didn’t go on a killing spree and do away with my husband. I can confirm that he is still intact and that this is in fact a smoothie spreading itself out across our spare bedroom floor. Stupidly, having made a fruits of the forest smoothie with mango and spirulina just to add to the colour spectrum, I took it upstairs as I was searching the house for a piece of a missing baby seat! Of course, seeing the unmade bed, I decided to shake out the duvet in preparation of making it again, and I did put the smoothie down of the chest first, but I did not foresee the reach of the duvet which knocked the cup over hitting the wall and the floor and yes, the smoothie did reach to the far wall somehow too! Uuuuuurrrggggghhhh!! To put it mildly. I scraped it up as best I could and threw vinegar over it, but of course, the stain is still there. So that was our last room without marking, gone. And I lost most of my nutritious drink!


With the next day’s smoothie, I was more careful!  2015Febweek10-2

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