2015 Week 11 Day 7 – 18th March

2015 Week 11 Day 7 – I know this photo doesn’t look much, but it shows Alexei’s bed like it has not been for months! Clear. Almost. His new resolution, to keep a tidy room. I am embracing this resolution!


And a resolution of my own, to have more smoothies as I don’t eat enough fruit. I often can’t be bothered to eat them in their naked form especially citrus fruits. Here we had a glut of oranges which I mixed with grapefruit and banana. Yum


And then an afternoon in the garden with Willow, as our boiler is broken and we have had no heating for a week and so it was warmer outside than it was indoors!


And here she is ‘helping’ in the garden. Moving the soil from the planter to the wood burner. Obviously!


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