2015 Week 12 Day 2 – 20th March

2015 Week 12 Day 2 – Today we experienced a solar eclipse when the Moon more or less lined up between the Sun and the Earth and blocked out the Sun’s light. Well, we sort of experienced it, but it was so cloudy that we didn’t actually see anything! Anyway, even for this partial eclipse, it is only possible when the Moon is at exactly the right distance from the Earth and so though the sky darkened, the Sun still peeked out from behind the Moon. However, this is all we saw using a 200mm zoom on a x2 extender!! Wowsers.


No, it wasn’t a grey card, it was actually the sky zoomed in, so here below is what we should have been seeing!2015Week12-1

It did get really cold, when we assume the sun was more or less blocked, but I didn’t notice a change of light. However a few minutes after the time we knew was the full partial eclipse (if you see what I mean), it suddenly did brighten up! Here the photo is ISO 12800..2015Week12-11

but the next photo in my sequence a bit later on, I had to drop it to ISO 5000 to get the same exposure, given the same sutter speed and aperture!2015Week12-10

So, that was the eclipse and now we need to find something else to use the high grade welding goggles we bought!

However, Willow had a fab time at the playground with daddy


And then later that afternoon, the sun came out in full force (typical), and she entertained me in the dog house!


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