2015 Week 13 Day 6 – 31st March

Ahhhhh, I am so behind.This is what happens in the school holidays! I can’t keep up! It is because I take more photos than usual and then think I will edit them before posting here, to keep on top of things, but what happens is I don’t have time to edit to my satisfaction, perhaps with a view to print out and hang on wall, and so I get behind. So, I have decided that I will just have to post not particularly well edited pics of the kids here, just to get a move on.


2015 Week 13 Day 6 – The sisters came over today. AKA Granny Kerr and Auntie Deirdre, en route to see Uncle Shan!

2015EasterHols-28-Edit copy

I think they popped in for some birthday cake (lucky it was so big there’s plenty left over)2015EasterHols-31

but we had to put Deirdre to work before she got a piece.  DeirdreSwingball

After Granny they left, I managed to get the kids to agree to a pose for daddy’s birthday card. Can’t believe I got them all together! Shame about the background!


Plus I got a few of the kids individually – it is these that I will have to try to edit for printing later…..

2015EasterHols-912015EasterHols-822015EasterHols-812015EasterHols-582015EasterHols-562015EasterHols-51KidsOutside.jpg-2KidsOutside.jpg-1  Kids

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