2015 Week 15 Days 2 to 6 – 10-14th April

2015 Week 15 Day 2 – We had a relaxed day today playing with new toys that were purchased from the local toy shop. Here Willow helped Felix hatch his dinosaur egg.

2015week15-4 2015week15-5

2015 Week 15 Day 3 – Auntie Deirdre was driven over from Devon by her brother ‘Shandad’ and his wife Linda, ready for us to drive her back to London for the last leg of her holiday in Europe. Soon she will head home for Australia. We found time for a quick lunch and luckily it was nice enough to eat it outside.   2015week15-12

2015 Week 15 Day 4 – Alexei had been ill yesterday, but Granny and Grandpa were still okay for us to all go over and stay with them, leaving Paul and myself free to go off to a party. However, Alexei was still feeling rough in the morning, as was I (clears throat sheepishly), so we had a long lie-in together. When we finally did get up I saw Alexei sitting in the chair brushing his teeth. That’s EXACTLY what I, and my sisters, used to do when we were feeling poorly!2015week15-15

2015 Week 15 Day 5 – Although Alexei had not been sick since Saturday he still had to be off school because of their 48hour rule, but he enjoyed going to singing group with Willow and myself. At lunch time, just as Alexei suddenly perked up and began to get hyper, you guessed it, Willow was sick! So, wrapped up in a blanket, she spent the rest of the day on the sofa. 2015week15-28

2015 Week 15 Day 6 – For a change on Tuesday, we moved outside protected by the shade sail.2015week15Wed-1

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