2015 Week 18 Day 2, 1st May

2015 Week 18 Day 2 – Willow and I took advantage of an unexpected change of plan giving us some time for a walk before meeting friends. Determined to find a particular patch of bluebells, I was delighted to also find wild garlic which is very stunning, especially as the whites mixed in with so well with the vibrant blue!

2015May-56-2 2015May-72-Edit 2015May-71-Edit

Ever the trooper, Willow would not get in the pram, and even when it was too tough to scooter, she marched up the hill, even ordering me to go ahead and for her to then run to me in ten seconds. She has stamina!


But after all that effort, I allowed her a little rest once we reached our destination (though she didn’t stay still for long!)Willow

And I can never resist a sneaky rape seed picture!2015May-15-Edit

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