2015 Week 25 Day 6 – 23rd June

2015 Week 25 Day 6 – Sport’s day at the school. I tried to refrain from taking too many photos – but then loads of people asked me to take some pictures of their kids! Anyway, here are my own; Barnaby coming third in the long distance – not bad going with his little legs!


Willow was cheering him on. Alexei too, who put in all his effort.


And Felix, who put some effort in, though it must have been tricky to balance an egg whilst looking smart in his school shirt. Who knows why he didn’t change into his PE kit?


I think Willow the tiger mascot had a great time, and thankfully, only tried to race herself once this year, before being distracted by friends…



Later that evening, I had to drop Barnaby off at an army base for a cubs evening and on the way home, the rest of us discovered this amazing spot. Of course, I only had my camera phone and hardly any memory left, but it didn’t stop the kids from posing! I would like to go back there soon with my dslr!



2 thoughts on “2015 Week 25 Day 6 – 23rd June

  1. love the photo of Willow shouting encouragement And those white poppies are AMAZing Might have to bribe you to tell me exactly where they are for next year 😉 Pretty please…. x

    • Well yes of course, and next year we will go together! I need to do my reccie sooner in the year, as I found these way too late and by the time we came back again, they had gone to seed! x

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