2015 Week 36 Day 7, 9th September

2015 Week 36 Day  – Every year, around this date, the Red Arrows perform for the local Royal Berkshire Shooting School charity event in aid of Great Ormond Street Hospital Children’s Charity and Marie Curie. Awesome.

2015RedArrowsStreatley-48 2015RedArrowsStreatley-89 2015RedArrowsStreatley-178 2015RedArrowsStreatley-153  2015RedArrowsStreatley-532015RedArrowsStreatley-201 2015RedArrowsStreatley-197 2015RedArrowsStreatley-168 2015RedArrowsStreatley-167 2015RedArrowsStreatley-10 2015RedArrowsStreatley-111 2015RedArrowsStreatley-115 2015RedArrowsStreatley-104 2015RedArrowsStreatley-107 2015RedArrowsStreatley-108

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