Week 40 Day 2 – 2nd October

Week 40 Day 2 – The bushes and trees this morning were covered in the most amazing cobwebs that I don’t think my photos have done justice to. They looked like they were covered in giant candy floss; their branches delicately wrapped in spun sugar  greatness.

Septemberweek40-53-Edit Septemberweek40-57-Edit

And then I spotted a little slow worm basking in the warm Autumn sun,Septemberweek40-62-Edit Septemberweek40-63-Edit

before realising that he had been spotted and slithering off under a leaf.Septemberweek40-67-Edit

And then Willow and I had great funexploring the field nearby Septemberweek40-71-Edit Septemberweek40-88-Edit Septemberweek40-94-Edit Septemberweek40-73-Edit Septemberweek40-101-Edit Septemberweek40-109-Edit

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