Week 41 Day 1 – 8th October

Week 41 Day 1 – Happy Birthday to my gorgeous boy Felix. 6 today. The day started off well, with some present opening before school.


And a cuddle with his favourite cat.


However, the celebratory birthday meal was less happy, with a tired Felix more interested in playing on the phone than enjoying the company and food! OctoberFelixBdayWeek-35

But the caterpillar birthday cake back at home bought a smile back to his face. OctoberFelixBdayWeek-46 OctoberFelixBdayWeek-48

2 thoughts on “Week 41 Day 1 – 8th October

    • Aww, yes I guess he does. Maybe it is the TGI’s reminiscing for you there, for B’s birthday many moons ago? 😉
      All my kids are so similar – that’s our excuse for getting their names wrong 🙂

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