Week 42 Day 7 – 21st October

Week 42 Day 7 – I got a call from the school today; from the Head Mistress in fact! She informed me that Felix had been in a collision with another boy and had a bad eye. She told me I should be prepared for a nasty bump and to drive to the school as he wouldn’t be able to walk home! Well yes, it was very badly bruised and the bump was sticking out like a horn! He was in shock but I think partly because he thought he was in trouble!

FelixBump-31 FelixBump-30

Once home, I gave him food as he was hungry and let him relax on the sofa whilst I spoke to the doctor and made an appointment to bring Felix to her later on.

By the time I had to pick the other children up from school, Felix had perked up and happily walked to school with me and seemed to quite enjoy the attention from everyone. Even the children in the oldest year were treating him like a hero and he lapped it up!


The doctor gave him a clean bill of health and said that apart from the lump and bruising, no permanent damage had been caused.

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