Week 44 Day 1 – 29th October

Week 44 Day 1 – On this rainy day, we dragged the kids out on a treasure hunt, obviously against their wishes as they’d have much rather stayed at home watching the telly! However, happening upon a fisherman, they soon perked up as he explained his fishing routine and methods and even showed them how to catch a fish.


So now we had slightly happier children although they were more interested in climbing trees than solving the clues. GoringTreasureHunt-2 GoringTreasureHunt-3

And so even after a couple of hours, we had not even got half way round the course. We decided to halt the proceedings and resume again on another day. GoringTreasureHunt-4 GoringTreasureHunt-5

But of course, they had to have a leaf fight on the way home.

GoringTreasureHunt-leaves.jpg-1 GoringTreasureHunt-leaves.jpg-2  2015Halloween-189

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