Week 46 2015

Week 46  – We had a rather quiet week as we were all starting to feel a little run down, though Ax had a little energy to practice his moves2015week47-67

whilst Wx and our adopted for the day dog had a little lie down,2015week47-74

but the kids always manage to gather energy to play hide and seek on this little patch by the wall.

2015week47-106-Edit copy

We also had a power cut on the Sunday, but we quite enjoyed playing by candlelight.2015iphoneAutumn-329

Trying to get myself more energy in the form of a ginger pear and cucumber smoothie, I, of course, dropped it, as I have a habit of doing lately. Luckily, this time it was not on any carpet but on the easily cleanable bathroom floor, which I was cleaning anyway, so I was more annoyed at losing my drink!


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