Week 47 Day’s 1 & 2– 19th, 20th November

Week 47 Day 1 – The poorly boy’s condition did not improve2015Novpics-11-Edit copy

and his temperature crept up again so much that I ended up going back to the doctors, who arranged for him to be seen in A&E as she couldn’t pin point what was wrong.

2015Novpics-14-Edit copy

Week 47 Day 2 – They kept us in overnight and got his temperature down and gave him anti-biotics for a chest infection and they even gave him some school work to do, which he did without question, but I cannot say he did it enthusiastically!


He enjoyed the jigsaw more.2015iphoneAutumn-337

We were lucky to get released from hospital after only one night, and we came home to be presented with a get well card from his school class.  2015Novpics-20
He still did not have much energy and wanted to stay in my bed, so of course a couple of other kids climbed in too!


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