2016 Week 3

2016 Week 3

This week I celebrated 10 years of knowing these fabulous ladies as we met 10 years ago via the NCT network to prepare ourselves for the imminent arrivals of our first borns. They ALL had girls, and they all had their babies way before I had my SON. We met every Wednesday for years and so we are known as Wednesday Friends. They are so special to me and I have such happy memories of those early days as parents, all learning together. We still meet up, just not as regularly, but we have great fun when we do.

I had the youngest firstborn. I also have the youngest child in the group and here she is fitting in with the mums so well.


2016-507An unexpected early finish to the school day, due to an electrical fire, meant that we all had a chance to explore the freshly cleared land near our house.




I accompanied the school on trip to Stonehenge on a cold but sunny day.  I leant so much about this prehistoric monument in Wiltshire, and I had great fun with the children who were all so well behaved.


Apparently he was hungry at bedtime, and so made himself a sandwich!!


The end of the week saw my second son turn 8


His party was fun, especially the malteser tape measure game



The birthday boy was delighted with his gifts.


As a special birthday treat, we took the children out to a special family supper. A laser fight on the walk from the car to the restaurant was not unexpected, nor the usual caterpillar birthday cake!



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