2016 Week 6

2016 Week 6

My gorgeous daughter, mostly always happy to sit for me and pose – albeit in her own sweet way!!

February2016-80-Edit copy 2

But it does get quite tiring! This is so her, fingers in mouth, one finger stroking her top lip and bunny between arms, hanging on for dear life! February2016-71-Edit_5*7 copy

And this is so youngest son! He’s actually quite a happy chap, but unless he is being silly in front of the camera, this is the face he pulls!February2016-92-Edit copy February2016-94-Edit copy February2016-97-Edit copy

When your brother is away, you take the opportunity to sneak into his bed for the night and gorge yourself on his Beano comics!!!

Your siblings also take the opportunity to have a sleepover in his territory!! Let’s hope he never finds out!!February2016-113

Whilst we had some time to ourselves Wx and I had fun on a bike rideFebruary2016-123

and she took the opportunity to sneak off to hide in her favourite spot – though she couldn’t resist peeking!!February2016-166

Darling daughter again helping me out with high key lighting!HighKey-1

Darling son also helping, but with the aide of a book to distract him!HighKey-2

Books, books and more books!HighKey-3

First born joins in on the action too!HighKey-4

And the hubby also begrudgingly posing. Although, is this a hint of a smile we see? February2016-172

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