days 40 – 46, 2017 365 project

46/365 – When everyone you know is skiing or sunning themselves far, far away, but you don’t mind as you have a pub lunch with your love and share a view like this!


Later the boys slowing out with books! Reading. All at the same time. No electronic device in sight!lillie-506



45/365 – A valentine message for a valentine card sender!willowvalentine-5

44/365 – Sisterly love

Chilling at the local cafe – kids painting pottery and adults slobbing out.
42/365 – And then for Lillie’s first ‘proper’ pavement walk lillie-459
41/365 –
A big weigh in  today for the little lady, who is becoming a big lady – well, obviously not, but little steps and she is heading in the right direction.lillie-407-edit-copy

before we took her for a walk – carry more like!lillie-413-edit-copy

and the kids took turns

lillie-424-edit-copy lillie-428-edit-copy lillie-429-copylillie-409-edit-copy lillie-420-edit-copy

and a chill out play later.


40/365 – lazy chilling day for the pooch whilst I tidied up. schoolleavers2017-392

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